Uwuwatch Stickers

They're here! And this time for EVERYONE!

Everyone loves stickers!
That's why we're going to have a big order of Uwuwatch stickers again! We had one before for only a couple of people but this time, for the 5 year anniversary, we wanna open em up to everyone who wants some!

And this is how we'll do it:
Everyone who wants stickers can fill out the form below!
You say how many you want and we will confirm it with you!
Once the orders are all in and the deadline is met (end of the anniversary) we'll collect the money for the order.
Please note that this is not a sale of stickers, it's a group order where we will just collect the money required for your part in the order.

Once the stickers arrived we will figure out shipping. By sending a collection of stickers to someone and having them distribute them to closeby people if possible or sending them directly to your address. We will then also take the money for shipping costs, which can vary a lot depending on where you live.
The stickers are planned to be ordered to Hamburg, Germany and distributed from there.

How much they'll cost:
Depending on how many we will order the price per sticker will drop. That means that there is no direct price yet for how much a sticker is. Predicted is that for roughly 200 stickers the price per sticker would be at 0.55€.

Got any more questions? Hit us up!
Feel free to message anyone from the Uwuwatch team with your questions regarding this and we'll try our best to answer them! The one mainly responsible for this is Mondanzo.

Sticker Preview

Price Table
Trying to make the costs more transparent here's a table that shows at which amount the price changes according to the information available.

The stickers will be ordered from Stickermule for anyone curious, reason being that the previous experience with 'em was good enough to stick with 'em.

Stickers Milestone Price per Sticker
50 1.22€
100 0.79€
200 0.55€
300 0.45€
500 0.37€
1000 0.29€
2000 0.24€
3000 0.22€
5000 0.20€
10000 0.17€

Calculate your stickers price:

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